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Isaac Lopez

Thank you very much for attending one of my tours


Hello, I’m Isaac. I grew up near the beautiful mountains of Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up, my family enjoyed traveling and familiarizing me with Jehovah’s creation. When I was 19, I left Arizona to live in New York, where I volunteered for six years in Patterson Bethel to promote kingdom interest and help the global bible preaching work. During my time there, I fell in love with history, art, videos, and giving tours to people from all over the world. My passions later became my career after Bethel when I met my dear friends at We have worked vigorously during the pandemic creating virtual tours to make travel easy, safe, and affordable to brothers and sisters worldwide. I have enjoyed seeing the joy it has brought many during these difficult times. The smiles and laughter I have experienced have been extremely rewarding. I thank the team at MYVIRTUALBIBLETOUR.COM as we continue to keep you entertained with wholesome entertainment. I look forward to seeing you on the next tour. I send everyone my warm Christian love and best wishes.


I look forward to bringing more beautiful experiences for you and your family to enjoy. These tours are made possible with your monetary support. If you want to show gratitude, you can use the payment methods mentioned below. The tours are made thanks to the personal contribution of a group of volunteers so that no one has to pay to access our virtual tours.

For monetary gifts, you can use my Email: or by phone no. (845) 413-9328

If you want to contribute using a credit or debit card, please use the button below.

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CashApp Tag: $iLoView

Venmo: iLoView or by phone no. (845) 413-9328

If you want to send a check, do the following:

Payable to: Isaac Lopez
Address: 2736 W Claremont St Phoenix, AZ 85017


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