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LEGALLY DEFENDING THE GOOD NEWS - Interview with Hayden Covington

Remember that time free speech almost got punched in the face? 🥊

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Back in your day, rocking the boat wasn't cool with everyone. Especially if your boat was religious freedom and the "authorities" wanted you to salute a piece of fabric. Enter Hayden C. Covington, a lawyer sharper than your Brylcreem. This guy argued cases for Jehovah's Witnesses before the Supreme Court, winning over 80% of them! Talk about a champion for the underdog.

From fighting for your right to preach on the sidewalk to stopping forced flag salutes in schools (weird, right?), Covington secured our freedoms with a healthy dose of legal jabs. So, raise a glass (of prune juice, of course) to this history-making lawyer who kept America a little less stuffy and a whole lot more free.

Hayden C. Covington has been recognized as one of the greatest civil liberties attorneys in American history. Listen to how he learned the truth, was invited to become the Society’s legal counsel, and tirelessly presented 111 petitions and appeals to the Supreme Court from 1939 to 1963. He won 37 (more than 80%) of the 44 cases he brought before the Court, involving issues including compulsory flag-salute statutes, public preaching, and door-to-door literature distribution.

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