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The Bible… Fact or Myth? An exciting first part of the tour.

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Are the historical data that the Bible gives meticulous and accurate? Can they be proven with archeology, or must they be believed with blind faith? In this exciting first part of the tour, we will see how the kings of Israel and Judah come to life again in the Assyrian annals, impartial chronicles that unintentionally verify the biblical text. Thirteen face-to-face biblical accounts with thirteen other archaeological pieces from the British Museum. From the most inconsequential to the most universal narrative, we will check story by story, piece by piece, the historical accuracy of the Bible. From Shalmanasar III to Ashurbanipal. Two centuries of Assyrian inscriptions. The British Museum is probably the museum with the most comprehensive collection of biblical/historical pieces in the world. His credibility, solvency, and authority have accompanied this prestigious museum throughout its long history. At the conclusion of this tour, in just an hour and a half, you will end up with the feeling that the amount of archaeological evidence supporting the biblical accounts is so overwhelming that no one really informed can assure you that the Bible is a historical fraud. To quote the famous Nazi journalist, writer, and resistance fighter, Werner Keller: “In the face of the enormous abundance of authentic and reliable results, it is becoming increasingly apparent to me, despite criticism steeped in doubt that the targets have been targeted. the Bible from the time of the Enlightenment to the present day, this idea:…, and the Bible was right! " I invite you to enjoy an exciting journey through biblical history, through the halls and display cases of the British Museum.

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